Volunteer opportunity

We are looking for enthusiastic, intelligent individuals who enjoy spending four to five hours a day interacting with kindergarten-age children to guide them in their constructive play activities using advanced English to help them explore the world.

Our ideal volunteer preferably has had some experience, either professionally or personally, with small children, and will assist in our school programs under the direction of our English-speaking kindergarten teachers. Knowledge of the Montessori method is a plus, but not required.

We are looking for volunteers who want to spend at least one month or possibly more time with us. Any shorter term is not acceptable since very young kids need some time to get to know the new assistants to be able to interact with them. So those volunteers who are looking for only one-two week terms, this is not the place.


Individual room, bathroom and kitchen, within the kindergarten. Food: school breakfast, lunch and snacks. On weekends and holidays we can not provide food.

Our Workaway Volunteers:

      Louis from the UK:   
                                                                 Sara from Italy:          


                       Jenny from the USA: